Voters should decide important issues.  I stood up to the full Corvallis City Council and ran a referendum campaign, which gave voters the opportunity to soundly reject the council’s parking ordinance.  My efforts have saved Benton County residents tens of thousands of dollars in parking tickets and permit fees.

Government must be held accountable.  Farmers were threatened with eminent domain seizure of their farmland for an urban recreational use.  The county wanted to pave Exclusive Farm Use zoned land and take it out of food production.  I researched the situation and exposed significant issues that were brought to the attention of the county and state agencies.  My efforts contributed to halting Benton County’s flawed plan.  

Each of us can make a difference by taking direct actions where we see a need.  We don’t need to be told where to help.  We all see needs around us on a daily basis.  This could be picking up litter, helping your older neighbor so she can stay in her home, simply holding the door for someone and sharing a smile, or running for elected office. 

Contributions can be sent to: Oregon First, 543 SW 6th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333